Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Obama Curse-Ted Kennedy Paying Ultimate Price For Wrongfully Backing Senator Barack Obama?

America is saddened today by the news that Senator Ted Kennedy is dying...he has a malignant brain tumor of the worst kind. Oh Well, TOO BAD...perhaps the honorable Senator Kennedy is paying the ULTIMATE price for his wrongful backing of Senator Barack Obama for President, the first of many victims of the Obama Curse!

Who WON Senator Kennedy's state in the Primary? Senator Clinton WON HIS STATE, yet he opted to ignore the voice of the people, and now has been struck by the OBAMA CURSE, his days on this earth numbered. How many more Super Delegates out there are going to fall victim to the Obama Curse for wrongfully supporting a candidate the heart of the party DOES NOT WANT?

It is no accident that one of the biggest Obama supporters is now SILENCED, on his way to the dark unknown beyond.

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